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Let's Hear it for Great Customer Service

One of my biggest pet peeves is the fact that real customer service seems to be a thing of the past. Good service is often as simple as basic good manners and a pleasant personality and yet this seems harder and harder to come by. In restaurants servers seem to be under the impression that they can deliver poor service and still be assured a tip, not true in my books.

Now I don't want hundreds of emails from people in the service industry calling me names, and for the record I consider myself to be in the service industry and wouldn't ask for service that I don't regularly provide to others. I do know that there are examples of excellent customer service out there and I appreciate it every time I encounter it. That's what today's blog is about; great customer service!

This past week I took a look up at my gutters and realized that I had plants growing out of them, which was likely the reason they were draining poorly. As the saying goes "cobblers children don't wear shoes" same goes for Realtors "Realtors often forget about their own homes and focus on the homes of others". Or something like that. However, even I couldn't ignore this.

I decided to give Men in Kilts a call. It was a random choice as I have never used them before now and haven't heard any reviews on them. I recall seeing their trucks around town and wondering what kind of guys were not only willing to stand on a roof but willing to stand on a roof wearing a skirt....sorry, kilt.

From the first phone call Men in Kilts blew me away. The call centre staff who books appointments were friendly and willing to work around my crazy schedule. They gave me a quote over the phone for the maximum amount it would cost and followed up by email confirming my appointment. Two days prior to my appointment they called and offered me an earlier time slot as they had an opening and again the call centre was pleasant to speak with. The man who showed up to do the actual work was great and confirmed my quote for the cleaning at half the price they had quoted on the phone. They didn't leave a mess from the cleaning and did an excellent job.

Nothing earth shattering, nobody preformed a miracle. Just honest, friendly, punctual service that not only delivered what they promised but did so at half the expected price. The end result; I am such a happy customer that not only will I use them again but I will recommend them to all of my clients. That's the power of great customer service.

Oh... and by the way, I didn't peek while he was on the roof....... I promise!