Open Houses: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are we under any obligation to provide our info when visiting an open house?

Short answer -- absolutely not! 

Open Houses are a fun, no-pressure way to check out the market and get a feel for what is currently for sale in the area. The listing agent may ask for your contact information to follow-up; but you are under no obligation to provide this if you do not feel comfortable doing so. 

2. How do we stop a Realtor from pressuring us at an open house?

Realtors are not allowed to solicit other agent's clients, so letting an overly ambitious salesperson know that you are already working with an Agent, will get you the space to look around the open houses in peace. 

This technique also helps ensure that you can choose your own representation (see next question) if you become more serious about the property at a later date. 

If you do not yet have an agent, feel free to use Danielle's name (under no obligation, of course) if asked who you are working with.

3. If we decide to purchase a home we saw at an open house, can we use our own Realtor?

If you become seriously interested in further considering a property you saw at an open-house - having your own buyer's agent (see below this FAQ) can often better represent your interests than working with one that is representing both sides of the transaction. 

However, there may be difficulty if you did not disclose that you are already working with someone (see previous question) as the agent you met at the open house may have claim to you as their client. 

4. How do we get more information about, arrange a private showing, or put in an offer for a home we saw at an open house?

That's the fun part! Contact your Realtor and have them answer your questions, arrange a showing, or write an offer on your behalf. If you do not yet have a Realtor, you may contact the Realtor you met at the open houses or select your own Buyer's Agent, such as Danielle and get them working for you!

How does a Buyer's Agent help?

Your dream home could be on the market and not be open for viewing this weekend. Or perhaps you are unsure what to do if you find the perfect home because the listing agent works for the sellers and probably isn't the best one to represent and negotiate on your behalf. 

That's where having a great realtor on your side really helps. Working with a buyer's agent doesn't cost anything - the commission is 100% paid for by the sellers so having a professional realtor working for you won't cost you a cent.

It's never too early in your home search to start working a realtor. In fact, the sooner the better! Danielle doesn't mind if you are still months or years away from making a decision or if you are ready to buy today! She loves touring real estate and would be excited to take you on a market introduction tour to visit homes in White Rock or South Surrey during a morning or afternoon. 

Best of all, she won't pressure you to make a decision before you are ready. That's just not her style!

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