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2012 Colour Trends : My Favorite Colour... RED!

The Color Trends series tries to project what colors will be hot for home decoration in the upcoming year. Each year five trends are predicted to be the next big thing. Being a real estate agent, I am always interested to follow these to see how they can help my sellers best prepare for marketing their home or to provide ideas for buyers on how to spice up that old drab condo or house that is a really good deal to make it look modern and current.

If you know me then you already know that red is my favorite colour, so you can imagine how excited I was to read this year's report proclaiming RED to be this year's hottest home accent color. After flipping through the featured designs, turns out that even red can be subjective depending on where, how, and how much is used. Some of these homes are classic and timeless, while others are somewhat intense and overwhelming.

Check out the slideshow below and decide for yourself and always remember to keep resale values in mind when planning a dramatic renovation project for your house, condo or townhouse. As amazing as some of these are and might feel right at the moment, the rule of thumb is that the bolder you go the harder it will be to attract a buyer for your property who shared the same fabulous style and taste as yours.