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Customize Your Home Command Center

Life is busy and most of us end up with a home command center whether we plan it or not. What is a home command center you ask? Well... let me explain. A home command center is the area in our house, townhouse, or condo where we drop mail, leave notes, look for keys, charge our phones, write a quick email, or collate all of the family's scheduling and planning. In some homes it's by the front door, in others it's in the kitchen or sometimes even on the trusty refrigerator. Basically the area where all the essential functions of running a home happen.

If your command center is anything like time, it is a constant and revolving source of fighting for space, tidying up, and organizing. Time to take control of the chaos and plan out this detail many builders and developers overlook when building a house. A few things to consider while designing your family command center:

Find the right spot. The best location for the command center is a high-traffic area where family members have access on a daily basis. A spot by the family's most popular entry door is perfect.

Determine what features you really need. Sometimes all you need is a computer if everyone in your home is comfortable with it.

Think of the look you want. Consider mixing storage designs, such as using open and closed shelving, working with the style of your existing cabinetry for a seamless look, or putting everything on the wall to save floorspace.

Read on for 13 helpful features to consider. Which ones are right for your household?