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New fund offers Canadian investors access to U.S. property

As U.S. housing prices continue to drop or flat-line, a Canadian partnership has formed to help savvy investors capitalize on the real estate market south of the border. Through the American Homes Fund, Terrizona offers safe and easy access to real estate opportunities, starting in Arizona, the company says.

Instead of shopping around for a trustworthy real estate agent, a good home in a good neighbourhood and a reliable tenant, Terrizona does it all for a minimum investment of $50,000. “Everyone knows investing in U.S. real estate is a great idea, but everyone is also really busy with their own lives and who has time to do all the research necessary to develop the expertise,” says Cam Good, Canadian managing director of Terrizona.

Many experts now say U.S. housing prices have hit bottom, the company says. Anthony Miachika, Terrizona’s U.S. managing director, says, “In September 2006 the average home price in Arizona was $276,000. Now, that same home is worth $65,000 and it’s been that low for the last six months.”

“Investing in these U.S. homes is the biggest no-brainer in the history of real estate,” says Good. “If people don’t capitalize on it, they’ll look back in five or 10 years and shake their heads and kick themselves. It’s an opportunity that can’t be ignored and shouldn’t be missed.”

For more information, www.Terrizona.com