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How To Increase You Home's Value with a Weekend Painting Project

You don't have to hire a professional painting crew to get a professional paint job! Here's a list of all the tips and tools you need to turn dull rooms into beautiful escapes and increase the value of your home at the same time!

First, you must decide what preparation work needs to be done to your walls. Walls should be clean and free of holes and blemishes. Spend a little time filling nail holes and any cracks with caulking. This crucial step will make for a clean finished product. Make sure you give it enough time to dry.

Next, prep the space for the actual act of painting. Remove any furniture or accessories. Lay down plastic sheets or cloth drop cloths to protect your floors. If drop cloths aren't in your budget, consider laying down pieces of cardboard or newspaper around your room's edge. Finally, use blue painters tape around trim, windows, and doors to ensure a clean edge. Sometimes the prepping phase takes longer than the painting phase, but trust me, it's worth it.

Once you have prepped the space, it's time to make a trip to your local home improvement or paint store to pick out the color. Do you have an inspiration room you've found in a magazine or book? Have you taken a look at Pintrest.com, or Houzz.com? Are you wanting to match your walls to a specific object or fabric?

The color and style of paint your room is a big choice. If you need help deciding on what colors are most popular today don't shy away from from the display of brochures available in any paint department. The latest house designer trend this year is avoid seasonal colours. Greys and stone colours are the new neutrals. Accent them with bursts of bright blues, oranges or reds. These pictures can serve as inspiration.

Now, it's all about the right tools. Be sure to select brushes based on the type of paint you choose. There are different brushes for latex, oil, and stains. Use brushes for cutting in around edges and do the bulk of your work with rollers. Just be sure to wash out whatever tools you use at the end of each day. If you need to walk away from a project for more than 30 minutes then be sure to wrap brushes in plastic (even a shopping bag will do) to ensure they don't dry out.

Get that perfect ceiling line with a pro edger. It looks like a long piece of metal with a handle and helps you create that professional line. No cutting-in experience is required! Plus, don't forget to pick up pole extenders and step ladders for those hard to reach places.

Paint in a well-ventilated space and only on warm days. Paints must be applied in temperatures above 35 degree (and most about 50). If you want to go green with your paint be sure to select only zero-voc paints. They cost only a fraction more and kind to both the environment and your body.

Painting is a simple and very rewarding task. It can be one of the least expensive ways off breathing new life into an old space and adding hundreds or even thousands of dollars of value to your home. Be sure to take your time doing the prep work and your hard work is sure to pay off big -- in style or in impressing buyers!