New technology creates new home improvement opportunities

Beyond laptops, smartphones and home theatres, new technology is changing our lives at home in a variety of profound ways. Nowadays, homes can be affordably equipped with innovative products, such as the one that measures the overall energy use of a home by the second – and by the penny – according to whatever appliances or utilities are in operation. It is also possible to monitor the active insulating effect of a home or condo by directing a hand-held infrared thermometer at various surfaces, such as windows, doors and walls, to determine how well they are preventing heat transfer.

Soon it will bepossible to hook a home up with its own “smart grid” that will make reducing energy
consumption more effective by storing saved energy as a commodity that can be used at peak times, or sold back to the utility company. These are just a few of the innovations that are, or soon will be, available in many communities.
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