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Grow Your Own Herbs On Your Window Sill

This is a good time of year to start growing your own indoor herbs because the April daylight hours provide the most important factor in achieving a robust yield. Some herbs require upwards of 14 hours per day of direct sunlight (or supplementary light). Options abound – you can choose plants for their
bouquet (such as lavenders), their fragrance (such as mint), or their flavour (such as basil). You can grow them together, as long as they have compatible needs.

Your planter is also important. Make sure it has drainage holes, so soil doesn’t remain saturated
after watering, and you can watch for roots reaching for room to grow. Don’t use outdoor garden earth – use potting soil with basic fertilizer.

If you get started now, with a little luck, you’ll see your herbs grow well into the fall – and, if you choose to add some artificial lighting, beyond.