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Open Houses Sunday June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day! On this special day, only 32 open houses are available for your viewing. This is a somewhat lower number than usual, but not uncommon for holiday weekends. Still have a great cross section of real estate to view from $339,000 to $1,338,000 including condos, townhouses, and detached homes in White Rock and South Surrey. For a more complete introduction to the market, join Danielle on a Market Introduction Tour and she will arrange private showings to get you familiar with the homes in your price range and needs.

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Address      ↓Type      ↓Price      ↓Age      ↓BR      ↓BA      ↓SqFt      ↓LotSz      ↓Start      ↓End      ↓
#46 - 15355 26TH AVTWNHS$3390001333147902:00 pm4:00 pm
#205 - 15145 36 AVAPTU$468900New221132012:00 pm5:00 pm
#207 - 15175 36TH AVAPTU$469900New221200012:00 pm5:00 pm
#3 - 1434 EVERALL STTWNHS$549900New33140001:00 pm4:00 pm
#2 - 1434 EVERALL STTWNHS$569900New33149001:00 pm4:00 pm
#70 - 15151 34TH AVTWNHS$569900644198701:00 pm4:00 pm
#3 - 12963 17TH AVTWNHS$5890002533209002:00 pm4:00 pm
#1 - 1434 EVERALL STTWNHS$599900New33160001:00 pm4:00 pm
1266 163A STHOUSE$6199002532162570692:00 pm4:00 pm
#16 - 3495 147A STHOUSE$629000454366202:00 pm4:00 pm
1348 STEVENS STHOUSE$6290004043213262002:00 pm4:00 pm
14238 20TH AVHOUSE$6788002532171660131:00 pm3:00 pm
17333 0A AVHOUSE$699900New43338636772:00 pm4:00 pm
17387 3RD AVHOUSE$725000New64351841542:00 pm4:00 pm
17387 3RD AVHOUSE$725000New64351841542:00 pm4:00 pm
17322 3A AVHOUSE$728800165308635151:00 pm3:00 pm
2830 154TH STHOUSE$74850015532612842712:00 pm2:00 pm
17253 3A AVHOUSE$779900New543647500012:00 pm5:00 pm
938 STEVENS STHOUSE$7990002343244141252:00 pm4:00 pm
1042 HABGOOD STHOUSE$799900532197662842:00 pm4:00 pm
16115 16A AVHOUSE$859777255391558892:00 pm4:00 pm
14318 36A AVHOUSE$905000533261863512:00 pm4:00 pm
2276 MADRONA PLHOUSE$925000New56443266772:00 pm4:00 pm
#87 - 2603 162ND STTWNHS$948000134363202:00 pm4:00 pm
1810 OCEAN PARK RDHOUSE$9990002133263570562:00 pm4:00 pm
14979 BUENA VISTA AVHOUSE$10190002133263536212:00 pm4:00 pm
15567 37A AVHOUSE$1028888974335647692:00 pm4:00 pm
16180 27A AVHOUSE$1089900166390060801:00 pm3:00 pm
1979 128TH STHOUSE$1099000New774896750012:00 pm2:00 pm
15444 VICTORIA AVHOUSE$1100000834286830002:00 pm4:00 pm
16267 MORGAN CREEK CRHOUSE$133800017644440100302:00 pm4:00 pm