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Dealing With Multiple Offers

You may think that having to deal with multiple offers on your home is a wonderful problem. The challenge, however, is picking the best offer – and that isn't always the one with the highest price.

Most offers come with conditions - or subjects -- such as "subject to securing appropriate financing" or "conditional to the sale of our current property." You have to consider both the price and the conditions when choosing which offer to accept.

There are other considerations, too. What if someone makes a great offer on your home, but they don't have a pre-approved mortgage and they haven’t put their current home on the market? That kind of offer is risky because it is more likely than an unconditional offer to fall through.

So there's a lot to think about when you're in the seemingly enviable position of dealing with multiple offers. How do you select the right one?

Danielle helps by informing and guiding you through these tricky multiple offer situations.