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It may be your dream home - but no house is perfect

After months of looking for your dream home you've finally found the home you've been looking for, perfect neighbourhood, perfect floor plan, perfect price - overall the perfect house. Or is it?

The truth is that no home is perfect. Every home has issues, flaws, or small imperfections. Even in a new home construction there will be mistakes, poor planning, and plain out poor workmanship. Builders are people too and some build strictly to code, skimp on the quality of materials, and do only what needs to be done. Other builders construct with pride, using the best materials and exceed building code expectations.

If you are looking at a resale property, there will be a certain amount of wear and tear. Did the current owners maintain the home properly? Did they have their furnace serviced, gutters cleaned and carpets cleaned regularly?

Whether new construction or resale it is important to identify what issues are currently existing in the home and what issues you can expect to have to deal with in the future. It is recommended that you have the home inspection by a qualified, licensed inspector prior to purchasing your new home. A good inspector will be able to tell you what issues there are and how to address them. You will want to decide which things you can live with or easily fix and which things are more than you are prepared to deal with.

You may, after an inspection, have a small list of miscellaneous items that you would like the owner to address prior to the completion date. This is normal, but remember that the real purpose of the inspection is not to further reduce the price of the home that you are purchasing but to make a qualified, informed decision on the quality of the home you are buying.

Ideally you selected a home that will maintain its value and protect your financial investment for the long term as well as a home that you love.