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Why You Should use a Realtor

Think about this: if you needed dental work, would you go to a dentist or do it yourself? The same principle applies to real estate. 

The skills of selling a home is something that takes years to perfect. There are many aspects of selling a home that the untrained individual may not be aware of. Additionally there are marketing tools, connections, and protections that are only available to professional Realtors. Selling a home is time consuming and fully absorbing, the home owner should focus on making sure the home shows it's best and preparing for the move ahead.

A Real Estate Agent has often spent many years learning and perfecting the art of selling. They have experience in many different types of markets and home, and can provide information and advice that would be normally unavailable. Realtors know the area. They know the schools, bus routes, recreation and what the communities offer. They are aware of the local bylaws, building codes and future projects that could affect the market or sale of your home.

Consider the advantages of using a Realtor to sell your home versus selling By Owner. Perhaps the most important of these benefits is exposure. The promoting of your home is of the highest importance. Without a solid marketing plan, your home just will not be seen by prospective buyers who will go on and buy something else. Realtors utilize the latest marketing, printing, technology to get your home out to the largest audience possible.  Realtors use Comparative Market Analysis (CMS) to price your home right to make you competitive and attractive to buyers without underpricing. 

On average, homes sold by a Realtor sell for 20-30 thousand more than homes sold by owner. Use a professional realtor, such as Danielle, to sell your home faster and for more money, and free up yourself to start planning your move to your new home.