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Real-Estate-Spring Has Sprung

Thinking of listing your home once the skies turn blue and the number of buyers actively looking for a home is at its seasonal peak? Normally that's my advice, but this year I'm saying "Don't wait!" 

Spring has arrived early this year for the Real Estate market in White Rock and South Surrey.

Perhaps it was the record breaking activity for December that rolled right into the New Year. It may just be that buyers who have been sitting on the fence for a few years watching and waiting to see what the market will do have grown tired of waiting. Whatever the reason, buyers are out looking for a new home and with very little homes on the market to choose from the odds of selling right now are very good.

That's not to say that today's buyer is willing to over pay for a home, buyers now are, for the most part, well educated on pricing. However, a well priced home in a desire able area will see a lot of attention and could end up with multiple offers.

If you are considering selling your home give me a call anytime. It could be that now is the perfect time to make a move.