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Christmas is Coming - Never Mind the Goose, I'm Getting Fat

Christmas is coming! As the holiday season fast approaches I realize that once again I am unprepared. It seems like every year I shop in a mad panic, buying gifts that I am sure nobody really wants. It's also the time of year where is it most evident that I am NOT Martha Stewart or anyone really close. My cookies are store bought, my tree artificial, my wrapping so-so. I'm good with that, I know my limitations.

This year, in an attempt to escape the hype my family is jetting off to sunny Punta Cana over the holidays. I thought that I was pretty smart with this plan, throw a few shorts and swim suits in a suitcase and Christmas day will find me sipping a Pina Colada in a deck chair while the kids annoy one another in the pool. No fuss, no stress, and no shopping, decorating, and baking.
Wrong! I didn't factor in the fact that kids under the age of 12 will require a tree, whether we are here to enjoy it or not. So tomorrow I will be dragging the tree and decorations out of the attic and the kids and I will set the house up for Christmas. I hope the cat appreciates that while we are away.
2014 has been a wonderful year filled with family, amazing clients, and friends. Once again it's been busy and prosperous and for that I am grateful. There have been many changes over the past year, some good and some we are still learning to adapt to. At the end of the day everyone is healthy, the kids are loved, and business is good. I am blessed. And let's not forget that Pina Colada waiting for me! Cheers and Happy New Year.