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Happy Hour at Your Local Real Estate Office!

Today couldn't be a better day! The sun is shining, we are well into a busy Spring Real Estate Market, and best of all I just got the email below from my managing broker.

"Hello All,

As many of you are aware, many new liquor laws are being put into effect today. Among the lesser known ones is a provision allowing commercial establishments whose primary business is offering insurance, financial or real estate services to the public to offer alcoholic beverages to their clients along with the usual coffee and tea while they are waiting for or meeting with agents.

Initial plans include putting a couple of stools at the front counter and installing a refrigeration unit at reception. I have already tentatively contracted with White Rock Brewing, a new local craft beer company, to supply our own brand of HomeLife Hoppy Ale. We are still in talks with an Osoyoos Winery to produce a high end white sauvignon blanc and cabernet franc blend, under the HomeLife label.

As far as I know we would be the first real estate company in the province to take advantage of the this new provision. We will be promoting this on our website, social media pages and will also be taking out a series of ads in the PAN. I am excited about the new clients that this program will draw to our company.

Before we proceed any further, I need your input with whether we should charge a nominal fee for the drinks to dissuade unqualified buyers and sellers from taking advantage of this perk.

Please respond to this email as soon as possible.

Managing Broker"

I can't tell you how excited this email has made me. Visions of happily signing contracts while sipping a nice cold beer are dancing in my head. Never mind it's likely not a good idea to make huge financial decisions while drinking....some of my best decisions have been made over drinks, or at least that's how it's seemed at the time! I have amazing clients, I love working for them and would love to socialize with them more as well. A bar right at the office will ensure that we can work and socialize all the time!!!!

WAIT!!!!!!! Is it April Fools today???? Nooooooo! This better not have been a joke! I am calling my broker right now!