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Bring on the Rah Rah

I am currently going through a series of tapes by a motivational speaker. I love these tapes, they fire me up to do better in my life and in my business. Oddly enough, even though this well known speaker is dynamic and has amazing insight into why we do the things we do and fail to do others I can't listen to him at night. If I ever suffered from insomnia (and as a working mother of 3 this IS NOT an issue) within 5 minutes of listening to these tapes at night I'd be out like a light. So I listen first thing in the morning, it's become my new routine and something I enjoy sharing with my husband.

Now although the tapes I am listening to are great, there are a number of opportunities in my line of work for seminars and events hosted by go-getters, life coaches, business coaches, and all around motivational people. My Dad used to call these "Rah Rah Events", always makes me smile to think of that.

What surprises me is, despite most of these events being free or for minimal cost, how very few people actually attend. I find that interesting as, especially in my line of work, your level of productivity (and ultimately the money you earn) is directly proportional to the effort you put in. It's very, very easy to become complacent and let business trickle off. With the amazing amount of new Realtors into the industry every year you'd think these events would be packed out by young, eager Realtors anxious to learn something new. And yet, they are not.

My thinking is that if I take away one new, fresh idea from every event or get a kick in the pants to focus harder on something I well know I should be doing than this is time well spent. I can't speak for everyone but there is definite room for improvement in my life both personally and professionally.

So, tomorrow morning I will start the day with a motivational kick and hopefully this will inspire me to go for a run (LONG overdue) and reach out to a few potential clients that I have shuffled off to the side. Not a bad start after a long weekend. I can certainly Rah Rah with the best of them!