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Christmas Again! 

Where did the time go? It seems that the year only started and here we go with the holiday season upon us once again. The kids are another year older....I, of course, haven't aged a bit! 

Once again I am grateful for another year of continued success. Do I measure this in dollars or cents, not always...
 although that helps in raising a family of 5. More importantly I measure it in the clients I see year after year, regardless of the holiday season, year round I feel I am blessed with continued support. I LOVE what I do. If this isn't something you can say about your current career I absolutely encourage you to change that! Love what you do. Be excited to go to work every day. I am, always. That's a gift. 

It's been a year of changes for me. Professionally, a year where I realize that not all dreams come true, and I'm okay with that. I tried, and not everything works out. I've made my peace with it and I have continued on. I don't mind trying and failing, but I do mind disrupting my clients and I am grateful that I navigated these changes with little to no impact on my clients, which constitutes a success for me. 

On a personal note, I lost a good friend this year. Not to anything tragic, thank the lord, but to circumstances out of my control. That hurts. I am torn between the sadness of losing someone dear to me and the injustice of why. It's been a lot of years since I have left high school (more than I care to admit!) and I find myself ill prepared to juggle the "you said, she said" accusations. I had to let it drop and I am torn between feeling proud of my confidence in myself and the truth and my insecurity in feeling that I could have made things better. I keep thinking of better ways to state my point, ways to make it right....I'll have to let that go for 2018, I simply can't control every situation. 

Also this year, a life long friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. This terrible disease has touched so many of us. To watch my beautiful friend rise to the situation with grace and courage has humbled me. I am not sure I could do the same. I am so encouraged to see her fight her battle, at the same time I am in awe of her spirit and her determination to meet every challenge head on. It's hard to know how to support her, I never feel I am doing enough. I want to call her every day, text her every minute (because that's how often she is on my mind) and say "I love you. How can I help, what can I do today to make things a little better". I want her to know that there isn't one single day that goes by that I don't think about her and that she isn't in my heart. She's a proud one my friend, she's got it under control but I hope she knows I'll be there in a microsecond if she needs me. 

In other news, I am boycotting turkey this year. Nope, not making it. Christmas 2017 is the year of wine, appetizers, and board games. I am done with the 7 hour prep on a 20 minute stuff your face return. Christmas Day in our house will be an open door, drop by anytime, eat, drink, laugh, and maybe try a game of Twister. The kids will still have Santa, they won't starve, in fact my attention will be more on them and less on the darn bird than ever before. We shall see how this one plays out. I have high hopes that it will be a continued tradition. 

However you chose to celebrate, from my family to yours, make it fantastic. Wishing you love and laughter, health and happiness. 2018 is going to be a great year!