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He Shoots He Scores....a Sale? 

The Canucks are in the playoffs and by all accounts are doing well! They, at very least, have us on the edge of our seats! 
Although I swear I watch them intently, during commercial break it does make me ponder the similarities between hockey and Real Estate. Forgive me, as the mom of 2 boys who have played hockey for years, I can watch the game and multitask at the same time. 

While they may seem unrelated topics, the Canucks and Real Estate share some parallels in terms of strategy, teamwork, and timing.


In hockey, teams strategize to outmaneuver their opponents and score goals. Similarly, in Real Estate Sellers strategize to position their property effectively in the market to attract Buyers and secure a favorable sale. This may involve pricing strategies, marketing plans, and negotiation tactics.


Both hockey teams and Real Estate transactions require teamwork to be successful. In hockey, players work together to achieve common goals. In Real Estate, various professionals such as agents, inspectors, lenders, and attorneys collaborate to complete a transaction.


Timing is crucial in both hockey and Real Estate . In hockey, players must make split-second decisions to seize opportunities and capitalize on momentum. Similarly, in Real Estate, timing the market can significantly impact the outcome of a sale or purchase. Knowing when to list a property, when to make an offer, or when to negotiate can make a difference in the final result.


Both hockey and Real Estate involve competition. In hockey, teams compete against each other to win games and ultimately championships. In Real Estate Sellers compete with other listings for Buyers attention, while Buyers compete with other offers for desirable properties.


Emotion plays a role in both hockey and Real Estate. In hockey, players must manage their emotions to stay focused and perform at their best, especially in high-pressure situations like playoffs. Similarly, Buyers and Sellers often experience emotions such as excitement, stress, and disappointment throughout the Real Estate process.

While hockey and Real Estate may seem like different worlds, they share common themes of strategy, teamwork, timing, competition, and emotion. Both require careful planning, execution, and adaptability to achieve success. Both also require a great coach to lead them. I like to think that I am an excellent Real Estate coach and I'd love to show you how I can lead you through the Real Estate playoffs. 

Written by Christine